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Editor's Review

Get ready to snuggle up with some super cute toy pets designed to help improve your focus and concentration, manage your stress and anxiety, and encourage relaxation and sleep. Meet Manimo, a line of weighted stuffed animals that can be placed on one’s shoulders, chest, back, and legs. Due to the weight of the animals, 15- to 20-minute sessions are recommended. There are a variety of animals to choose from: turtle, cat, dog, dolphin, frog, lizard, and snake. You can find the animals in 2.2- or 4.4-pound versions. Each animal has a soft velvet coat and embroidered facial features. The filling inside is made of non-toxic poly-ethylene beads. For those not familiar with weighted stuffed animals or weighted blankets, the weight of these products offers sensory stimulation through deep touch pressure and acts on the neurological system. 

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These are cute and very soft, but because of their weight, there won’t be much playability with these stuffed animals. And because of the 15-to-20-minute limit on using them, you wouldn’t be able to wear one while you sleep at night, unlike with a weighted blanket. However, for kids who need help relaxing, reducing anxiety, and/or concentrating, these weighted stuffed animals can be helpful. The sensory benefits can last between one and two hours, according to the manufacturer.


Variety of animals to choose from
2 weight options
Cute and soft
Weight offers sensory stimulation


Weight prevents kids from really playing with the plush
Time limit for how long you can use this

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