Magna-Tiles Downhill Duo, Dashers, and Xtras Roads Review

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Editor's Review

Rev up your imaginations because Magna-Tiles now has racetracks and cars. With the new Downhill Duo magnetic construction set, kids can build racetracks with magnetic track pieces. It comes with 40 pieces, including 24 regular Magna-Tiles, 10 tracks, two checkered tiles, two cars, and two driver figures. With no instructions, kids can build what they see on the box or use their imaginations to build ramps, roads, and whatever else they want.

Make a bigger racetrack by adding the Xtras Roads set to your Downhill Duo. Roads comes with 12 pieces of extra track. 

And if you need more cars, add the Dashers set. This includes three colorful cars with three matching driver figures.

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This is a great new theme for Magna-Tiles. Kids who like construction toys and toy cars will have a blast building different tracks and roads. This will definitely inspire a lot of imaginative play.


40 pieces
Add more track & cars with add-on sets
Combines construction & cars
Inspires creativity



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