Magic Trace Glow to Show Studio Coloring Set Review

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Editor's Review

For kids who love to draw and color this one is right up their alley. And this is pretty straight forward too. This set comes with one light up station, 24 art reveal coloring pages, 8 large art reveal coloring pages, 10 premium crayons, and 10 premium dual tip markers. Simply grab any design you want- you can’t clearly see the design on the sheet perfectly, but you can see what you’ll be drawing. Once you’ve picked the page, place the light up station on it and see your design pop up. Grab your crayon or marker, even a pencil if you want, and begin to trace! Move the light up station around to continue tracing. Once you’re done, color! And just like that you’ve become an expert artist!

Magic Trace Glow to Show Studio Coloring Set

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It’s a fun arts and crafts kit. Great way to practice your art skills and there’s a good amount of reveal coloring pages available.

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