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Editor's Review

Follow the adventures of the Pixlings on YouTube Kids and play out those adventures at home with Magic Mixies Pixlings. With each Pixling Potion Pack, you’ll reveal a Pixlings doll, straight from the faraway land of Elixia. You’ll mix up a potion inside the bottle using water and the included magical ingredients. The potion will swirl and mix to become a dark blue color. Then press down on the crystal gem and say the magic words: Magicus Mixus! The blue water will become clear, revealing the Pixling inside! Of course, you can take the 6.5-inch doll out of the bottle. She’ll be completely dry and ready to play. There are different Pixlings characters to collect: Unia the unicorn, Marena the mermaid, and Deerlee the deer. Check out your doll’s unique and fashionable style, such as Unia’s fabric starry skirt and shimmery sandals. This doll also has wings, a star gem on her forehead, and a unicorn horn. Display your doll on the doll stand, which is actually the plastic ring from the bottle. Each doll has seven points of articulation for dynamic poses. And even though the reveal potion is a one-time thing, you can scan a QR code for potion recipes you can create in the potion bottle using household ingredients. (The website says there are five recipes, but we only counted four.)

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The unboxing for this doll is a lot of fun. It will encourage roleplay as kids pretend to be potion masters mixing up the Pixlings potion. We like that the potion bottle can be reused, once you clean it out, for other fun potions. And, of course, kids will like playing out all sorts of imaginative adventures with their doll and trying to collect all of the Pixlings.


Magical toy unboxing
Doll comes out dry and ready to play
3 dolls to collect
Imaginative play
Create more potions



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