Magic Mixies Magic Potion Cauldron Game Review

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Editor's Review

There’s a whole new way to mix potions and reveal a Mixie. Play the Magic Mixies Magic Potion Cauldron Game! Players race to collect ingredients, put their ingredients into the potion, and then reveal the exclusive Mixling! You can play this game with two to four players ages 4 and up.

The centerpiece of the game is the magic cauldron that rests on the circular game mat. Before you play, you’ll need to insert the Mixling into the cauldron. Then each character selects a character mover and places it on any board space that matches the character’s color. Take turns spinning the spinner and moving your character the number of spaces spun. If you land on an ingredient symbol, take the matching color ingredient and place it in front of you. If you land on Take Out Any Ingredient, you must remove any ingredient from the cauldron and place it in front of you. On the spinner, you might spin Put In Any Ingredient. This allows you to pick one ingredient from your pile to insert into the cauldron. 

After spinning and moving, check to see if your ingredient pile contains a matching set of ingredients, either by shape or color. If it does, then you get to place those ingredients into the potion. 

When placing ingredients into the cauldron, the Mixling may or may not appear. If the Mixling appears on your turn, you win! If not, play continues.

The game comes with a cauldron, an exclusive Mixling, a spinner, 16 potion ingredients, and four character movers.

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This is a cute game for fans of Magic Mixies. It’s easy to learn how to play, helps kids with color and shape matching, and offers a fun surprise when the Mixling appears. We think that kids might also want to use this game for imaginative play.


Easy to learn
Helps with color & shape matching
Fun surprise when the Mixling appears
Imaginative play



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