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Editor's Review

Kids will be bubbling with excitement as they mix a magic potion to reveal a cute plush inside Magic Mixies. The gold-and-purple cauldron is where you pour the magical ingredients, while tapping the matching wand against the cauldron helps the spell progress.

Inside the cauldron is a glittery bottle with a tag attached that says, “1”. This is where you’ll begin. Of course, it always helps to have instructions, so you’ll need to remove those, too. They’re wrapped around a USB charging cable because it is recommended that you charge up the cauldron for 60 to 90 minutes before use. There’s also a reset key, a bonus mist refill vial, and a glittery pink case with a spell book and potion ingredients inside. Kids can follow the directions in the spell book while parents supervise with the more detailed instruction booklet. First you add water, then the sound dust, then the glimmer star, the magic feather, the fizz flower, the crystal gem, and the naming scroll. Each one of these ingredients helps bring your Magic Mixie to life. Watch as real mist emanates from the cauldron until, after around 30 seconds, your Magic Mixie appears. Wait for the sounds to stop and the mist to clear before removing the Magic Mixie.

Once the Magic Mixie is out, it’s time to play with it. Each Magic Mixie has a petting sensor and gem on its forehead. Place the tip of the wand against the gem for different color effects. If you use the wand to send your Magic Mixie into Enchantment Mode, it will help you cast spells in the cauldron as it chatters and mumbles magic words. You can also pet your Magic Mixie to build up its energy, and you’ll know what its energy level is by the color of its gem. The more you nurture and play with your Magic Mixie, the happier it will be. The Magic Mixie will also go to sleep if you leave it alone for a few minutes.

If you want to, you can reveal your Magic Mixie again by following the instructions to replace the plush inside the cauldron, reset the cauldron, and add water. Do the same thing if you want to insert the gem case and reveal your own toys. Mist Refill Packs are available and sold separately if you want to make more mist.

Or you can also use this toy without the mist by switching it to Spell Mode. This lets you make additional spells without the magical reveal.

Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron

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This is a very magical unboxing experience. It’s not something that’s going to take kids two seconds to unbox, and then the surprise is over. There are a lot of steps to mix the potion and reveal the plush, and then you can do it all over again. The Magic Mixie plush is really cute, too, and we like that there’s interactive play with it.

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