Mache Magic Paper Mache Craft Maker Kit Review

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Editor's Review

Did you know you could make unique gifts out of toilet paper? You can with the Mache Magic kit, which combines toilet paper and water into paper mache objects. Grab your toilet paper and tear it up inside the mold, either heart or egg. Then add water. Place the mold into the craft maker, twist and press, and then let your design dry overnight. Once dry, use the stickers and glitter pens to decorate.

Mache Magic Paper Mache Craft Maker Kit

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This is a pretty easy-to-do craft for kids who like DIY activities. Kids can get creative to decorate their paper mache creations however they want and even combine two dried halves of the same mold to make a surprise box. And as long as you have toilet paper and water, you can keep making mache magic as much as you want!

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