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Editor's Review

Think you know the lyrics to songs from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s? Put your music knowledge to the test with Lyrically Correct. This series of music trivia games includes the original version: 90s & 2000s Hip Hop/R&B Edition as well as 80s Mix Tape Edition. The gameplay is easy. You need two or more players, and the deck of 140 game cards and 10 challenge cards. (The more different editions you have, the more you can mix and match the cards across musical genres and decades.) Each team takes a color set of challenge cards. Then shuffle the remaining game cards. To start a round, each team chooses one player to represent them. The round begins with Team A player drawing a question card from the deck. Set a 60-second timer when Team A player begins reading the question to Team B player. Team B player tries to answer as many questions correctly before the 60 seconds are up. Correct answers earn that player one point per card. Each incorrect or passed card represents a one point deduction. When time is up, players switch roles, with the Team B player reading the question cards to the Team A player. Once all cards have been read, the team with the most points wins.

Now there are still those challenge cards. These can be used against the opposing team at any time during the game, one per round. When a challenge card is issued (“What year did the song come out?”, for instance), the 60-second game timer is paused, and a new 30-second timer starts. If the player answers correctly, they earn three points for their team. If answered incorrectly, the challenging team scores three points. 

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If you think you know all the lyrics to some of the hottest songs, then you’ll enjoy playing this trivia game. It’s compact and great for taking on the go, but you’ll have just as much fun playing at home, too. We like that there are different editions for those who might know more about 80s music but not so much about 90s hip-hop. (We played through both versions and found the questions really hard, so you really have to know your stuff.) Find the edition that works for you, and put your knowledge to the test. 


Easy to learn
Different editions
Fun trivia game for music buffs



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