Luxury Belt Drive Bike Review

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Editor's Review

Belsize kid’s bike is constructed of lightweight, strong, aluminum. This luxury belt drive bicycle has a rust free, aluminum alloy frame and weighs only 12.57 lbs. (which is much lighter than other 16 inch bicycles on the market). The seat height range is from 18″ to 22″.

Comes with dual, adjustable, front hand V-brakes which allows kids to learn how to stop easily. The adjustable hand brakes adjust to accommodate different size hands so that both smaller and larger hands can use the brakes comfortably and safely with only a few turns of the adjustment screw using the Allen wrench provided.

Additionally, the light weight will result in a much easier transition from a balance bike and/or bicycle with training wheels to a two wheel bike.

Luxury Belt Drive Bike

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It’s a great first riders bike. Training wheels are available. The bike already comes 95% assembled and it’s made of high quality parts.

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