Luna the Calming Kitty Review

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Editor's Review

This little kitty is the purrr-fect way to calm and soothe a child. Through two different modes of use, Luna helps children ages 3 and up practice social-emotional learning. 

Luna needs to be charged before first use with the micro-USB charging cable. Then choose between Night-light mode or Mindfulness mode.

In Night-light mode, choose between five, 15, or 30 minutes. Luna will light up in one of five colors for the length of time you chose. Pressing the button on Luna’s right foot changes between the colors white, yellow, purple, green, and pink.

Mindfulness mode has three breathing activities. Choose which one you want by pressing Luna’s right foot. Each activity corresponds to one of the Breathing Activity cards. Triangle Breath guides kids through an inhale of four counts as the green light gets brighter, a hold of four counts, and an exhale of four counts as the light dims. Rainbow Breath works in the same way – an inhale of six counts as the pink light gets brighter, an exhale of five counts as it dims, another inhale of four counts, and an exhale of three counts. And Star Breath has kids breathing in while counting to three as the yellow light brightens, hold their breath for a count of one, and exhale for a count of three as the light dims. Kids can trace the lines on each card as they breathe and count.

The toy comes with a micro-USB charging cable and six double-sided Breathing Pattern Activity Cards in four languages.

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Helping kids learn breathing techniques at a young age can set them up for better management of stress and anxiety when they’re older. It’s easy to follow along with the breathing activities because Luna’s light gives kids a visual of when to inhale, hold, and exhale. Tracing the cards adds a sensory element to the activities. We like that Luna can be used as a nightlight, too. 


It’s a nightlight
Guides kids through 3 breathing activities
Easy to follow the lights when breathing
Tracing activity cards adds a sensory element


Needs longer time choices in Nightlight mode

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