Lumalou Better Bedtime Routine System Review

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Editor's Review

The Lumalou Better Bedtime Routine System is a wall-mounted 3 in 1 interactive routine helper, sleep trainer, and nursery sound machine.

The onscreen icons guide the kids through the routine, with a remote to press as they complete tasks for fun rewards with light and music. There are eight tasks available to create a routine: eat, pack a bag, clean up, wash up, change clothes, brush teeth, go potty, and read. You can also add and customize up to 3 tasks, such as “Brush Your Hair”.

To create a routine first assign a name to it, for example, “morning” and then create the routine by selecting the tasks in the order you would like them completed. You can also choose the days of the week that the routine should be followed, such as only weekdays. When it’s time to start a routine, all of the tasks will pulse until your child presses the button on the remote. Then, only the first task will light up and so on as they are completed for a fun reward.

To use the sleep training feature, add a bedtime and a wake-up time for each day of the week. You can also set up a nap time! The star color indicates when to stay in bed, if red, or to get up, if green. You can also customize the nightlight by choosing the color and duration of the soft-glow light.

Lumalou Better Bedtime Routine System

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It helps with the kid’s routine, sleep training and it is also a nursery sound machine.

Use the free app to customize your child’s routine, set sleep and wake times, and select soothing music and lights.

Lumalou comes with a playlist featuring 20 minutes of music and sounds, including white noise, designed to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep.

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