Lost Loot DIY Pirate Treasure Hunt Game Review

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Editor's Review

The Lost Loot DIY Pirate Treasure Game is a bit like a scavenger hunt; there’s treasure chest with riches inside, but to open it, you must find 4 pieces to assemble the lock, as well as a skeleton key. Parent participation is a must here, as you get 150 clue cards, which is how little ones will discover where each piece is. The clues refer to common locations or objects in a suburban household.  The cards consist of 88 indoor clues, 32 outdoor clues, and 30 blank cards to make your own clues. The clue “endless stories await”, for example, refers to the bookshelf, (oops, spoiler alert!) A clue key is included with the instructions, in case parents themselves get stumped.

To set up, select between 5 to 10 clue cards (using the protective card sleeves), hide all but 1 of them throughout the house, as well as a lock piece or key with each, then give your kiddo the remaining clue. Once they’ve found all the clues throughout the house, assemble the lock, turn the key, and open the chest! Be careful, as all the pieces must be in their proper place before the chest will open. If it doesn’t, readjust and try again, don’t brute force it. Overall, kids will enjoy the cartoony and colorful presentation of the game, and parents will enjoy crafting a challenge for their children. Everyone wins! The gems inside the chest are dazzling, but there aren’t many of them. This is sort of a blessing too however, as you have room to put treasures of your own inside!

Lost Loot 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

This game has a ton of replay value, so for that reason alone, the game is worth getting. No two play sessions will ever be the same!


  • The scavenger hunt foundation creates a fun experience for both parents and kids.
  • Assembling the lock on the chest adds a tactile level of fun.
  • You get a ton of clue cards to ensure repeat play sessions are never the same.
  • The presentation is colorful and kid-friendly.


  • The lock can occasionally get finicky.
  • Only a few gems are included.

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