Loopy Hoopies Marble Spinners Review

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Editor's Review

Combine your love of spinning stuff, shooting hoops, and fidgeting in one toy with Loopy Hoopies. Available in three different colors and designs, these marble spinners test your fine motor skills, along with your focus and attention. They’re kind of like the original Loopy Loopers (which TTPM also reviewed), but with these, the ball stays sealed inside the hoop. That makes it a little easier for younger kids or adults who just aren’t very good at these kinds of skill games. All you have to do is get the marble spinning inside the loop, and then try to spin it so that it goes through the hoop. Each Loopy Hoopies toy is translucent so you can see what’s going on inside. The green one has a sunburst pattern on it, the blue one has stars, and the pink one has hearts and flowers. And each one has a rotating fidget ring on the outside. Set them out on their display stands for a cool desktop item.

Loopy Hoopies Marble Spinners

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Playing with Loopy Hoopies is easier said than done, but figuring it out is all part of the play. Kids and adults who enjoy these types of challenges will enjoy the tactile play and the cool look of these.

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