LOL Surprise! Tweens Series 3 Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

Meet Nia Regal, Emma Emo, Chloe Pepper, and Marilyn Star, the next series of L.O.L. Surprise! Tweens! These four besties of series 3 each include 15 surprises and fierce fashions. We’re going to take a closer look at two of the dolls: Nia Regal and Emma Emo.

Emma has a cool neon look. She wears her multi-colored hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her short-sleeved bunny graphic top is accented with brightly colored striped arm warmers. Those same stripes can be found on Emma’s knee-high socks that she wears over mesh stockings and tucked into lace-up boots. Her colorful mesh skirt has stud detailing at the waist. Her accessories include a hair extension, a comb, and a composition book, plus three more surprises inside blind bags. Emma is the big sister to L.O.L. Surprise! Splatters.

Nia looks regal dressed in a princess-inspired gown. The pink-and-purple top features gold detailing, while the pink skirt has a layer of blue mesh underneath. Her shimmery knee-high socks feature gold bow details, and the doll wears the stockings with blue heels. Her black, blue, and silver hair is pulled back into pigtails tied with blue bows and three top buns. Her accessories include a composition book, a comb, and three surprise blind bags. She’s the big sister to L.O.L. Surprise! Her Majesty.

Chloe Pepper has a British-inspired fashion, while Marilyn Star’s glittery look is inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

Each doll includes a doll stand.

LOL Surprise! Tweens Series 3 Doll Emma Emo

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These four new dolls will be a lot of fun for fans to add to their L.O.L. collections, especially if they already own the L.O.L. little sister dolls. Kids will like the surprise of unboxing the accessories, styling their dolls, and creating all sorts of stories and adventures for the dolls. These will definitely inspire a lot of imaginative play.


  • 4 dolls to collect in this series
  • Unbox some of the accessories
  • Each doll has 15 surprises
  • Inspire imaginative play


  • None

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