LOL Surprise! OMG Queens Splash Beauty Doll Review

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Editor's Review

This Queen embraces all it is to be part of the sisterhood! You know by straightening each other’s crown and always supporting friends. Create 125+ mix and match fashion looks like her mermaid skirt, long pink coat, necklace, 2-piece swimsuit, and more.

This Queen is full of articulation making it fun to pose her any way! Also, a feature I deem necessary is that her hands are removable, and not for any creepy reason, but to maker it easy to dress her up! Oh, and something very cool is that Splash Beauty’s white hair accent turns pink in daylight even if it’s cloudy out.

LOL Surprise! OMG Queens Splash Beauty Doll

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There are many detailed accessory pieces. The Queen has a lot of articulation. Her hands are removable for easy dressing. You can change outfits with other LOL dolls and some pieces of hair change color!

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