LOL Surprise! OMG Dolls Trendsetter and Skatepark QT Review

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Editor's Review

There are two new dolls here and these are unexpected BFFs, celebrating the differences between friends that make each other stronger. Even though they are different, they both love what they love, and they’re all about being your authentic self no matter who you’re with.

First is Trendsetter! She’s got blonde and brown locks, and a duo colored outfit which gives a Clueless vibe. Plus, she’s the big sister to fan-favorite LOL Surprise character, Suite Princess.

Then there’s Skatepark QT- who has duo colored hair and quite a street style to go with her love for skateboarding. Skatepark QT is the big sister to another LOL Surprise character, Sk8r Grrrl.

LOL Surprise! OMG Dolls Trendsetter and Skatepark QT

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Unboxing experience for kids. Many detailed accessory pieces and you can switch out pieces between the two.

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