Little Tikes Magic Workshop Review

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Editor's Review

What spells and potions will you create with the Little Tikes Magic Workshop? The spellbook gives you instructions for six potions to test out on the frog. There’s a love potion, a singing potion, and even a mimic potion where the frog will repeat what you say. Fill the cauldron with water, turn the pages in the book to choose a potion, and add the potion ingredients to the cauldron. These ingredients include a mushroom, two feathers, a leaf, two shells, a crystal, and a dragon egg – all pretend, of course. Now take the potion bottle and scoop some of the cauldron water into it. Then pour it over the frog for one of 20 enchanting reactions.

Kids can also watch their potion work by pressing and holding the gem on the frog’s crown for three seconds. Plus, there are other gems throughout the playset that will play different sounds and light up in various colors when pressed: candle gem, cauldron gem, and book gem.

Water that gets poured over the frog drains right back into the cauldron. There is a drainage hole in the bottom of the cauldron to make removing the water easier. 

Four AA batteries are required but not included.

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Should I get it?

This is a really cool playset that will inspire a lot of imaginative roleplay. It’s easy to make the pretend potions, and kids will like the different reactions they get from the frog. And as kids create, bubbling sound effects play to really enhance the play. We like that you can use this with or without water.


Comes with pretend ingredients

6 potions to make

Frog has 20+ reactions

Also features lights and sound effects

Use it with or without water

Easy to clean up

Imaginative play


Batteries are not included

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