Little Tikes Crazy Fast Flip & Fly Carnival Playset Review

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Editor's Review

First thing’s first, be careful opening the box, since it is a fundamental component of the toy! The cardboard is reinforced and quite sturdy, but all the same, open carefully. There is some minor assembly required, but it’s all very easy. Once done, you’ll have a super colorful and whimsically illustrated carnival display, installed with a bell striker base and frame, a Flip & Fly Ramp, 10 game tokens, and a Rolls-Wagon beetle car.


There are two ways to play in this game, The Flip Test and Car Toss. In either case, start by rolling the car backward to wind it up, until you hear a click. Aim the car, and then let ‘er rip! You’ll need to stand far enough back to let your car gain speed, but close enough to be able to aim properly. The car goes up to 50 feet when fully clicked, which makes it fun to play with in its own right. In Flip Test, you want to aim the car perfectly straight in hopes that it’ll land on the striker and ring the bell. If you have other Crazy Fast vehicles, sold separately, you can try out different ones to see how they fare. In Car toss, remove the striker and bell, then try to land on the balloons on the bottom of the display. Use the game tokens to keep track of scores. Whoever claims the most spots wins! Aiming the cars is much trickier than it looks, so pay attention to whether your car favors left or right and adjust accordingly. Pack up requires a bit of finagling clever part placement, but it is possible to fold it back up into its box form.

Little Tykes Carnival

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This is a very nice introductory set to the Crazy Fast toy line. The included car is much appreciated, and the play set helps showcase what makes the line fun at its core.


  •  It’s easy to set up.
  • The included car goes up to 50 feet in distance.
  • The display is an eye-catcher, being very fun, bright and colorful. 


  • While the cardboard is sturdy, it still requires a gentler hand to keep it in good shape.
  • Pack up can be a bit tricky.

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