Little Tikes Big Adventures Safari SUV, Space Rover, and Submarine Review

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Editor's Review

Kids will go on big adventures with new Little Tikes Big Adventures vehicles. Each one comes with working tools to help kids get outside and explore their world. 

The Safari SUV has rugged wheels and working lights. But those same features also detach to become tools for kids. Remove the wheels and use them as binoculars. Pull up on the headlight bar and use it as a flashlight to light your way. And the pretend spare tire on the back of the SUV can also be removed and used as a compass. This requires three AAA batteries.

The Submarine allows for exploration in the water. Place the clear dome of the submarine just under the water’s surface and look through the viewfinder to see what’s in the water. Remove the plastic netting from the clear dome and use it as a sifter through dirt, sand, rocks, or water. And the submarine’s floaters can be removed and turned into water sprayers. 

And the Space Rover is ready for exploration on any terrain. Its front claw can be removed and used as a grabber for kids. There is a microscope on the back of the rover. Place a specimen in the lab slide, insert the slide into the rear of the rover, turn on the light, and investigate your sample. And the rover’s magnetic crane can be used to light and lower the drum accessory. This one comes with three cell batteries.

Each vehicle is sold separately.

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These vehicles are really fun for imaginative play, but we especially like how they become working tools that turn kids into young scientists. Whether exploring in the backyard or their bedrooms, kids will embark on all sorts of creative adventures.


3 different vehicles

Each has 3 working tools

Kids feel like scientists

Great for indoor and outdoor play

Imaginative play


SUV doesn’t come with batteries

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