Little People Team USA Olympic Collection Review

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Editor's Review

Cheer on Team USA the Little People way with two collector’s sets that celebrate eight different Olympic sports.

The Classic set features Little People characters representing Track & Field, Gymnastics, Swimming, and Soccer. The packaging is navy blue with a USA flag background that has stars in the middle and stripes on the sides.

The New Sports set features four Little People figures representing four new Olympic sports: sport climbing, karate, skateboarding, and surfing. The packaging on this one is red with a USA flag background that has the stripes in the middle and the stars on the sides.

All of the figures are wearing gold medals that say 2020, but, of course, the summer Olympics were not held last year due to COVID-19. So these figures are also a collectible way to remind us of that crazy year.

Little People Team USA Olympic Collection

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These collectible Little People sets will be great for fans of the Summer Olympics, people who play one of these eight sports, or anyone who wants a way to commemorate the 2020 Olympics – whether they happen or not. And that’s all good for older fans, but these sets are also a nice way to introduce the different sports and what the Olympics are to little kids, who might one day become the next gold medal gymnast or surfer.

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