Little People Collector Seinfeld Review

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Editor's Review

The Little People Seinfeld set comes in a compact but well decorated box. The windowed packaging allows you to fully admire all 4 figures while keeping them mint in box. The figures include George, Elaine, Jerry, and Kramer, all of which look just like their on screen counterparts. Elaine’s hair may be a tad on the light side, but I’m being picky. The background is a fully detailed rendition of Jerry’s apartment, chock full of references to the show, from tiny  fridge magnets, to the pirate shirt, his bike, and much much more. I really like the added dimensionality of the open door. The back of the box has an illustration with even MORE references, including the menu at Monk’s cafe, and the coffee table book of coffee tables. Like all Little People figures, they’re durable and have nice molded detail. The paintwork is also good, but sadly, George’s shirt pattern is only present on the front face.

Seinfeld Little People 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

This is a cute collector’s item for fans of the show, and good quality Little People figures for little ones. If it tickles your fancy, pick a set up!


  • The packaging is excellent, and it’s easy to open without damaging the box.
  • The figures have great molded detail.
  • The resemblance to the source material is high. They clock immediately as the four main characters of the show.


  • The paint could be more precise in areas, from the standpoint of it being a collector’s item.

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