Little People Collector Avatar the Last Airbender ‘The boy in the Iceberg’ Figures Review

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Editor's Review

Ok, from the jump, wow, this box is beautiful. Because of the way that the figures are suspended in the plastic clamshell, the illustrated exterior of the box recreates the very opening scene of season 1 episode 1 of Avatar the Last Airbender. You can even see the water globule that Katara accidentally uses to soak poor Sokka. The frosty airbrushing over the ridged plastic clamshell evokes Aang’s cryostatic sphere is a superb way. But enough fawning over the box, let’s open it up!


The trademark adorable proportions and very cute faces of Little People figures are both here, but it’s the details that really makes this set shine. Katara and Sokka are in their traditional Water Tribe parkas, with excellent color accuracy in the paint. Their expressions are on point, with Katara having a beaming smile, and Sokka, ever the skeptic, with a raised eyebrow and slightly squinted eye. Sokka’s undercut is painted, and Katara’s hair loopies are thankfully sculpted in as well. Katara holds a water tribe club, while Sokka has his fishing spear. Aang is the odd boy out, decked out entirely in blues, to reference his century on ice. Even though he’s all blue, the different lightnesses and variations of blue are used to illustrate his recognizable Airbender garb. In his hand he holds a very tiny version of his bo staff glider. Placed right up next to Sokka spear, the size discrepancy is even more humorous, but given the sheer perfection that is every other aspect of this set, we’ll let it slide.

Avatar the Last Airbender Little People

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Should I get it?

Absolutely! If you’re a Little People figure collector and a fan of this show, we’re surprised you haven’t already ordered one!


  • The paint is clean.
  • The details show a great attention to show accuracy.
  • The box is just absurd, in the best way possible. It looks amazing!


  • None!

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