Little People Bundle ‘n Play Assorted Figures Review

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Editor's Review

We all know about Fisher-Price’s Little People – they’re fun little characters geared toward small children for playing and learning. Each new Little People package comes with one baby figure, one animal-inspired swaddle blanket or towel, and one play accessory.

Here we have four new Little People! The first is an adorable baby in a diaper, holding his bottle. This package includes a rabbit-themed swaddle and a bouncer seat to place the baby in. The next one is a curly-haired blonde boy holding his blankie with a hooded shark-themed towel and turtle pool to place him in. Then we have another cute baby wearing a frog beanie. It includes a frog blanket to wrap him in and roll-along tricycle for him to ride around. Lastly, we’ve got a cute little child in a panda outfit. This package includes a panda blanket to wrap him in, and a roll-along lion toy for him to play with.

Little People Bundle ‘n Play Assorted Figures

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These help strengthen dexterity and hand eye coordination. It’s just right for little hands to grasp and they’re a fun addition to other Little People sets!

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