Little Live Pets Zoogooz Koomi Koala and Mooki Monkey Review

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Editor's Review

You’ll love hanging out with Little Live Pets Hug ‘n Hang Zoogooz! With the bodies of Moose’s Goo Jit Zu figures, these squishy and stretchy friends are also interactive with more than 70 sounds and reactions. Wrap their squishy arms around your arm for a hug. Or stretch their arms and see how far they go. Squish their bodies and discover a secret charm inside their tummies. Give them a jiggle or flip them upside down for even more reactions. If you press a Zoogooz mouth with your finger, you’ll hear eating noises. The Zoogooz also respond to petting and head boops. You can even make a Zoogooz sleep. If you have more than one Zoogooz, you can connect their hands or make them hug each other. Styles include Mooki Monkey, Koomi Koala, and Sensoo Sloth. Each is sold separately.

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With their glittery goo-filled bodies and super cute faces, Zoogooz offer a lot of tactile play as well as pet roleplay. Kids will like discovering all the different reactions through squishing, stretching, petting, and more. 


3 styles to collect
Hug you and each other
Goo bodies offer tactile play
70+ sounds and reactions



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