Little Live Pets Surprise Chick Hatching House Review

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Editor's Review

Hatch up some fun with Little Live Pets Surprise Chick Hatching House. Inside the playset’s speckled egg is a mystery chick. As soon as you follow the three steps to set it up, you’ll hear taps and cracks until the chick pops out of the egg and begins walking around the playset. Will you collect Donut or Cherry Blossom? Each chick has soft flocked skin and wings and responds with tweets and tunes when you pet its head. The chick can also explore outside of the playset on a flat table or surface. It does have an on/off switch to preserve battery life, and three button cell batteries are included. 

You can also make your chick hatch again by sliding its feet into the rails of the egg base, pressing down on its head to lock the chick into the hatching stance, and closing both sides of the egg. The chick will hatch either inside or outside of the playset.

As for that set-up we mentioned earlier, we thought it was tricky getting the packaging out of the house, and our chick didn’t turn on after pulling the tab and turning the lock. We had to manually open the egg and turn on the chick for it to hatch. Not a big deal, but it’s something that parents might want to set up first to not ruin the surprise.

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Kids will like the surprise of watching the chick hatch and finding out which one they got. We like that the chick has some interactivity and that you can redo the hatching over and over again. This makes a nice addition to a Little Live Pets collection, and it would be a nice Easter basket gift for any animal lover.


Chick inside is a mystery until it hatches

You can redo the hatching

Chick has some interactivity

Inspires imaginative play


Tricky removing the packaging from inside the house 

Our chicks didn’t turn on after following the initial steps

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