Little Live Pets Scruff-a-Luvs Cutie Cuts Review

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Editor's Review

Help the Scruff a Luvs look less scruffy by giving them a shave. New Scruff a Luvs Cutie Cuts give kids pretend salon tools for pet groomer roleplay. Just like with original Scruff a Luvs, there are many surprises. There are two dog breeds to collect, Frenchie and Yorkie, and two colors, pink and purple. But that’s not all! The surprise accessories reveal the theme for your dog: Candy or Ballet.

To get started, take the pretend clippers and start removing the fur from your pet in small upward strokes. Parents, don’t worry about the hairy mess. The excess hair gets stuffed inside the fabric pouch to make a cushion for the pup. Once all the hair is gone, you still need to bathe your Scruff a Luv in warm water. You can add child-friendly soap, shampoo, or body wash. Once the pup is cleaned and rinsed, break out the hair dryer to dry that diva. This will most likely be a parent activity, and it can take about 20 minutes for the plush to dry. But while that’s happening, kids can open up the salon cabinets to reveal a collar, hair bow, barrette, comb, pretend straightener, and pretend nail polish bottle. If you fill the nail polish bottle with ice cold water, you can use the nail polish brush to paint the pup’s nails and reveal a color-change feature. Then, have fun styling the pup however you want over and over again. There’s even a cardboard pet carrier for taking your pup with you on the go.

Little Live Pets Scruff-a-Luvs Cutie Cuts

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This is such a cool unboxing experience, and we like that it adds a new layer of play to the original Scruff a Luvs. Kids can still pretend like they’re rescuing a pet, but now they get to roleplay as pet groomer and stylist.

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