Little Live Pets My Puppy’s Home! Review

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Editor's Review

What if you built a doghouse and then magically a dog appeared inside? That’s the fun of Little Live Pets My Puppy’s Home! This comes with all the tools and parts you need to build a cute doghouse. Once the walls and roof are together, make the home a little more welcoming with a welcome mat and filled water bowl. Are those paw prints on the mat? While you’re waiting for your new arrival, give your pup a name and hang the nameplate on the house. Do you hear that? I think there’s something inside! Open the door to see your pup! Will you get brown or blonde? No matter which pup you get, it will interact with you through more than 25 sounds and reactions, just like a real pet. Plus, it comes with a toy bone to chew and play with. Once you’ve got your pup, fill out the adoption certificate. Want to do it all over again? You can repeat the magical arrival again and again.

The toy comes with two AA batteries.

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Should I get it?

This is really cute and magical. The construction of the doghouse encourages some roleplay, and the interactive pup gives the feeling of playing with a real pup. This toy puppy is a great alternative for kids who can’t have a real dog (No mess! No allergic reactions!), and it’s also a super cute unboxing experience for kids who love unboxing toys and playing with stuffed animals.


Encourages roleplay
25+ reactions and sounds
Magical unboxing
Play out the arrival again and again



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