Little Live Pets Mama Surprise! Guinea Pigs Review

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Editor's Review

Help the mama guinea pig care for her babies. But wait! The mama has to give birth first! That’s the magical play of Little Live Pets Mama Surprise. This interactive pet looks like a real guinea pig, comes alive with more than 20 sounds and reactions, and “delivers” baby guinea pigs. Brush and feed the mama with the included accessories, and then when you see her heart glow, it’s time to place her in the special hutch, settled among the nesting materials. Kids will go to bed that night and wake up the next morning to find a newborn guinea pig inside the hutch. Mama Surprise delivers a new guinea pig every day for three consecutive days. Each baby is delivered with its own care package and themed accessories. There’s a princess baby, preppy baby, and rock’n’roll baby, each with a birth certificate. The best part is that you can repeat the surprise deliveries over and over again.

Little Live Pets Mama Surprise! Guinea Pigs

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This is such a cool toy! The whole mama guinea pig giving birth thing is such a magical surprise that really brings the interactive pet to life. We like that this toy engages kids in nurturing pretend pet play and that the birth sequence can be done over and over again.

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