Little Live Pets Bright Light Chameleon Review

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Editor's Review

Meet Sunny the Bright Light Chameleon! Sunny is an interactive, light-up chameleon with over 30+ sounds and emotions. Sunny is full of personality with so many colorful moods. This soft and squishy chameleon lights up in light green and giggles when she’s happy, she glows red when angry, glows blue and whimpers when sad, and so much more! When Sunny is feeling super happy, this vivid lizard will sing and glow with beautiful, rainbow lights! Sunny loves it when you pat its head, feed it, and talk to it! Stick and display Sunny everywhere with its suction-cup feet, then play your favorite music tunes and watch as Sunny lights up to the beat of the song!

Little Live Pets Bright Light Chameleon

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It’s packed full of cool features. Batteries are included so that Sunny arrives ready to play and Sunny has soft, suction feet that can stick to any clean and smooth surface!

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