Little Library Storytelling Box and Find My Favorite Things A Sensory Matching Game Review

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Editor's Review

Whether you’re telling stories or using your sense of touch, you’ll have fun playing these new games from Petit Collage.

Create your own stories with the Little Library Storytelling Box. You can play with one or more people, and the props inside the box help inspire your stories. Kids can even write or draw their stories in the 10 mini books. There are different ways to start your stories. Take five coins from the bag and create a story about the pictures you see. Or take one coin from the bag and use it to start a story. When you flip to the next page, draw another coin to continue the story. Another way is to draw nine coins from the bag and separate them into groups of three: three to start the story, three to add to the middle, and three to end the story. If playing with a group, each player gets a turn taking a coin and adding to the group story. Or each player can choose a story theme (such as fairy tale or Halloween) and take five coins. But that player doesn’t tell the story – the player next to them does. 

What’s inside the Find My Favorite Things box? Items that you must find using only your sense of touch. This sensory matching game comes with 20 shaped game pieces that get placed inside the box. Close the box lid and give each player four cards. Players take turns reaching inside the box to find the items that match the shapes on their cards. If you think you’ve found a match, remove the object from the box. If you’re correct, place the piece on the matching picture card. If you’re wrong, the item goes back into the box. The first player to match pieces to all four of their cards wins. That version of the game is for ages 3 to 4, but the instructions do provide a more advanced version for ages 5 and up.

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Both of these games are easy to learn how to play. The LIttle Library Storytelling Box is a really cute game that can be played with in multiple ways. Its small size is perfect for creativity on the go. Kids will like making up their own stories and even writing them down in the provided mini books.

While finding the game pieces inside Find My Favorite Things is fun, we also think parents could use this box in other ways, maybe by adding in small items from home and having kids guess what’s inside the box. We like that there are instructions for preschoolers and older children so that the game can grow with your child. 


Pros (Little Library)

Easy to learn

Multiple ways to play

Kids will like writing stories in the mini books

Compact for creativity on the go

Pros (Find My Favorite Things)

Easy to learn

Instructions for younger and older players

Add items from home



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