Lite-Brite Touch and Lite-Brite Super Bright HD Disney 100 Edition Review

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Editor's Review

There are new ways to experience light art with Lite-Brite. Play games and create cool art with Lite-Brite Touch or create Disney magic with the Lite-Brite Super Bright HD Disney 100 Edition, the brightest Lite-Brite yet!

There are three ways to play with Lite-Brite Touch. In Create mode, simply press any button until the desired color shows. You can follow one of the templates in the instructions or create your own colorful light-up art. You can even save up to five images and display them on the unit by either hanging the unit on a wall or setting the unit on a flat surface. In Play mode, you can play three games. Snake challenges you to make the Lite Snake grow longer by eating the food on the screen. The object of Brick is to break all of the Lite Brite bricks by using your paddle to bounce the ball off of them. And in Mirror, try to mirror the LED button pattern displayed in the game area. The last mode is Animate mode, and there are five built-in interactive animations to display. The unit runs on three AA batteries, which are included. You can also plug the unit into a USB port, but a cord for that is not included.

The Lite-Brite Super Bright HD Disney 100 Edition works like a traditional Lite-Brite but with a high-definition display for brighter colors and clearer images. Plus, the snap-on grid hides the paper template underneath. In this Disney version, you can create light art of Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Dumbo, Goofy, Little Mermaid, Disney logo, Lion King, Toy Story, Tinkerbell, and Cinderella. Once you’ve completed your art, you can pop out the stand on the back of the unit for display. Press the power button to toggle through four different light patterns. The Lite-Brite will go to sleep after five minutes, or you can press and hold the power button for five seconds to keep the light on continuously. This unit runs on three AA batteries, which are included, or you can connect it to a Micro USB port. A cable for that is not included.

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Should I get it?

Both of these new Lite-Brites are really cool and will inspire imaginative play and result in beautifully bright light art. Lite-Brite Touch would be fun to play and create on the go, and we like that it has three play modes to encourage creativity and other ways to play with Lite-Brite. Disney fans will like the different Disney designs and the bright colors on the Lite-Brite Super Bright HD. This gives a classic toy an upgrade.


Pros (Lite-Brite Touch)
Fun to play and create on the go
3 play modes
5 animations
3 games
Inspires creativity

Pros (Lite-Brite Super Bright HD)
Brighter colors
12 templates
Disney theme is perfect for fans
Looks great on display



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