Linkimals Sit-to-Crawl Sea Turtle Review

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Editor's Review

Encourage babies to crawl with the Linkimals Sit-to-Crawl Sea Turtle. This musical activity toy won’t go anywhere when you’ve got the kickstand down, but flip it up to get the fun moving. Not only does this toy have two ways to play, it also comes with more than 35 songs, sounds, and phrases that introduce the alphabet, counting, and shapes.

In sit-and-play mode, babies can sit and press the ABC,123 button for songs and phrases while the button in the middle lights up. You can press the light-up button, but the turtle won’t go anywhere. However, its back wheels will roll and make a loud sound. Babies can also pull on the two fabric flippers and move the turtle’s head, which makes a clicking sound.

But in crawl-after play mode, press the light-up button to send the turtle rolling forward about 3.5 feet. Babies can crawl after the turtle and still engage with all of the turtle’s other features in this mode.

If you have other Linkimals toys, you can link them with the turtle to hear them respond to each other during play.

Linkimals Sit-to-Crawl Sea Turtle

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This is a cute way to encourage the development of gross motor skills and introduce babies to early learning concepts. The turtle’s lights offer visual stimulation, and pressing the buttons and pulling on the flippers works fine motor skills. When linked to other Linkimals toys, it’s really cool to hear them sing and talk together.

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