Lil’ Squeezers Bubble Characters and Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles Storm Blower Review

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Editor's Review

Make blowing bubbles easier with these new bubble toys!

With the Lil’ Squeezers squishy character wands, kids can easily blow bubbles without their mouths getting close to the wand. There are different characters to choose from, including a blowfish, a monkey, and a bear. Each one comes with a 3.5-ounce bottle of Bubble Bonanza Colorful Bubbles bubble solution. Now, it’s interesting that the bubble bottle says 5+, while the box says 3+. What’s also interesting is that this is not colored bubble solution, but the bubbles do look pretty when sunlight catches them. The lid of the bottle doubles as a dip tray. Pour some solution into the lid, dip the character wand into the solution, and squeeze the character to blow bubbles.

Another fun way to blow lots of bubbles is with the Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles Storm Blower, for ages 5 and up. This comes with a dip tray, a battery-operated bubble blower, and a 3.5-ounce bottle of bubble solution. Two AA batteries are not included. Pour solution into the dip tray, dip the bubble wand into the solution, and press the button to start the bubble storm. This bubble solution is a different formula, designed for longer-lasting bubbles. It gets a little sticky so that you can catch bubbles on your hand, which is really cool. What’s not cool is that the bubble solution in the dip tray gets sticky, causing the bubble wand to stick to it. And if a bubble pops on your head, it leaves behind a residue in your hair. It’s easy to clean up, but it is a little annoying when you see bubble residue left behind on your deck. Definitely make sure you rinse out the dip tray and the wand after using.

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These bubble wands are easy for small hands to hold and make it super easy for little kids to blow bubbles. Kids will like the squishiness of the Lil’ Squeezers, and the inclusion of the fun animal characters also adds to the imaginative play. The Storm Blower makes it easy to blow lots of bubbles at once, and the stickiness means you can catch and hold the bubbles. And all of these bubble toys will inspire active, outdoor play.


Easy to blow bubbles
Lil’ Squeezers are squishy bubble wands
Storm Blower makes lots of bubbles
Active outdoor play


Storm Blower doesn’t come with batteries
Storm Blower bubble solution leaves behind residue

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