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Editor's Review

If you want to light up your videos, photos, or live streams, get glowing with the Let’s Glow Studio. In this crafting kit, kids make reflective fashion accessories. Most importantly, you don’t need a separate app to make the glow effect happen.

While you’re accessorizing, plug in the LED clip to charge it up. Then get creating by adding Lets Glow thread into a barrette clip for wearing in your hair, add reflective nail stickers to your nails, and use the stencils to draw and cut out custom letter, number, and symbol stickers. The stickers can be applied to clothing, the shutter shades, your skin, or any prop that you want in your shot.

Then, clip the LED clip to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop near the camera aperture, and turn it on. Use the remote to choose which LED color you want your accessories to reflect. Then take your photo or video and check out how cool you look when you glow.

Let’s Glow Studio

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This kit lets kids be creative both in the accessories they create and the photos and videos they take. It’s easy to use, and there are different colors and effects to choose from. Plus, the finished result does look really cool.

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