LEGO Vespa 125 Review

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Editor's Review

The iconic Vespa comes to life with LEGO’s Vespa 125 construction set, model number 10298. This is part of the LEGO Icons collection. Using 1,107 pieces, you can build and display your own version of a classic 1960s Vespa. The pastel-blue Vespa features a brick-built engine with removable cover and working steering to bring the model to life. There are also extra accessories, such as a helmet, basket, and flower bouquet. Vespa fans will appreciate some of the other details, including a spare wheel, two seats, a 1960s Italian license plate, and a functioning kickstand.

LEGO Vespa 125

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This is a great way to celebrate Vespa’s 75th anniversary. The pastel blue color is actually a rare LEGO color, so that adds another level of collectibility for fans. The finished model looks great kept out on display and is a welcome addition to a LEGO collection.

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