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Editor's Review

LEGO Optimus is 1508 pieces and will take you between 2 and a half to 3 hours to build. The building process is super enjoyable! There is clever engineering on display throughout, and it’s very entertaining to learn how all the features work by building. He is articulated in the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles. There is kind of a waist swivel, but it’s more a function of the transformation. Unfortunately, there are no knee joints, which is my one big criticism. At the same time, the solid legs do provide that much more stability, so I’ll choose to see the glass half full. The ratchet joints are all very solid, so don’t worry about him taking a tumble.

In the looks department, this set is THE coolest. The vibrant red and saturated navy are offset by clear yellow and silver accents. All of the key design elements of Optimus Prime are replicated in this LEGO construction. Even more subtle details are present, like the ridges on his legs and feet, the perfect silhouette of his Ion Blaster, and even a Matrix of Leadership inside his transparent, hinged chest screens. Most importantly, he has his Autobot insignias and telltale handsome mug.

Optimus has an excellent shelf presence and looks perfect from the front. From the back however, he does look a little gappy. Thankfully, this is alleviated by one of his many accessories! Optimus comes with his classic Ion Blaster, his Energy Axe, an Energon Cube (for what we can only assume is emergency rations,) and Sideswipe’s jetpack. Plug in the jetpack to make him look more filled out. His blaster can plug into his forearm for stability, and either hand can be removed and replaced with his energy axe.

Of course, the gaps here and there are all in service to the Transformation. That’s right, this LEGO set transforms! If you’re familiar with G1 Optimus’ transformation, this is very similar, but with a few extra steps. For example, his upper body needs to rotate, and his hands can stay on the entire time! After an enjoyably simple transformation, you’ll have Optimus in his alt mode. This mode allows for his blaster to be stored on the trailed bed. If you want a little more accuracy, you can swap out the bumper tile for a solid gray one. Add the cherry on top of your display with the included placard, complete with stats. And of course, you can roll out like the best of them on his real rubber tires.

LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime

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This set is a ton of fun to build and transform. Even with the compromises in articulation, you can get some nice poses out of the robot mode, and make an excellent display on your shelf.

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