LEGO The Batman Building Sets Review

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Editor's Review

Starting off, we have Batman & Selina Kyle Motorcycle Pursuit. This set may be small, but it has a lot of play value. In it, you get Catwoman’s bike, complete with a ruby crate, the Batcycle, Bat Signal, a grappling hook stand, and two minifigs: Selina Kyle and Batman. The way both minifigs sit on the motorcycles obscures their lower bodies, making the bikes seem even more robust than their bulky builds naturally suggest. Both bikes are very nicely detailed for such small constructions. The bat signal can swivel up and down, and the grappling hook stand can swivel on a hinge in and out. Both minifigs come with alternate head accessories, and in Batman’s case, he has a separate Bruce Wayne head entirely.

Next up we have Batmobile Penguin Chase, containing the Batmobile and two minifigs: Batman and Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin. The Batmobile is the main event here, and it looks SO good. The souped up DIY Batmobile is captured perfectly in brick form, with all the necessary details present, including the flared, squarish hood and grill, the exposed engine in the back, the blue flames, and even the angled console in the cab. Batman fits in there with little effort thanks to the easily removable hood. It also has a missile firing gimmick in the front! Penguin’s minifig is gorgeously detailed, and comes with a stud launcher and smaller handheld weapon.

Lastly, we have the biggest set, Batcave Riddler Face-Off. The set recreates the much more intimately sized Batcave seen in The Batman, featuring the Wayne Terminus archway, a folding and sliding tryptic of supercomputers, a tool bench, a map of Gotham, a motorcycle, and six minifigs: Batman, Catwoman, Jim Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, Biker Bruce Wayne, and the best live action Riddler in Batman history. These minifigs are immaculately detailed. The abundance of studs on the ground mean there are endless play options. Hold the tiles underneath the magnifying glass to see the secret messages underneath! Although the computer desk having pose-ability is cool, a way to fix it in place would have been nice. It is very easy to knock over.

LEGO The Batman Building Sets

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All three sets are loads of fun. If you loved the movie, you’ll love recreating scenes with these awesome sets.

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