LEGO Technic App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle Review

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Editor's Review

This set is 772 pieces and will take you about an afternoon to build if you’re speedy. Given how fast the build goes, there’s nothing overly demanding. However it is extremely precise, so pay close attention to the instructions to make sure everything works properly later on. Once done, the Transformation Vehicle is quite eye catching. The highlighter yellow and hot pink accents pop against the deep blue. There are a few stickers with very specific shapes to them so make sure and have a steady hand. If you apply them cleanly, they look great. The sides of the treads offer LEGO Technic eye candy.

Once you install 6 AA batteries, and download the LEGO Technic Control app, press the green switch and pair your device. The controls on this guy are pretty simple, but that’s not a bad thing. Even with simple controls, it’s still tricky to drive. Each lever controls one side of the treads, so to drive forward, you need to move both up simultaneously. After a while, you get a feel for it. Drive straight into a wall to flip upside down and convert to an orange flatbed vehicle. This feature was pulled off perfectly! The rubber treads have just enough friction and grip to drive up the wall with ease. The internal shifting mechanism is very smooth, and not only switches the cabin areas, but also lays the blue side’s spoiler down and out of the way so it doesn’t drag on the ground. There are also driving challenges you can do on the app, if you feel so inclined.

Lego App Controlled Transformation Vehicle

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Should I get it?

As far as LEGO Technic sets go, this is a very solid one. Not only does it have two modes, it is compatible with a phone app so you can drive it around. If you enjoy the Technic sub line, definitely consider this set.


  • The build is technical, and just challenging enough to still be purely fun.
  • The colors and stickers are detailed and well designed.
  • Set-up is quick and easy with the app.
  • The switching mechanic works like a dream thanks to the internal structure and tread grip.


  • A lack of necessary batteries, and the fact that 6 batteries is kind of a big ask.
  • Precision driving can be a tiny bit tricky at first.

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