LEGO Super Mario Reznor Knockdown and Bowser’s Airship Review

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Editor's Review

These sets should take no more than a couple hours to build as they are on the middling to easy difficulty; they are short, very enjoyable builds. At a glance, these sets exude that unmistakable Mario charm. Bright primary colors, cleverly built characters, and iconic insignias are all present, cementing the effect. They may appear simple, as colorful and charming as they are, but there’s more to each set than what’s on the surface.

In Reznor Knockdown, you can tilt a Grrol enemy back and forth, punch a mystery block, attack the titular Reznor with a spiked ram, or operate the ferris wheel-like apparatus via a series of internal gears.

Bowser’s Airship has a power block that reveals a hidden monty mole, a giant bowser hand, a moving figurehead at the back, and the entire ship opens up! This is by far my favorite feature. It opens the set up with even more space for you to use your figures. A Mario or Luigi figure (which are not included) can be used on any of the numerous contact points for even more immersive play.

The only con is that Mario and Luigi are unfortunately not included. In order to get the most out of these sets, you’re going to want to track down a copy of at least one brother’s starter set.

LEGO Super Mario Reznor Knockdown and Bowser’s Airship

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These sets are just as much fun to build as they are to play with afterward! They also make wonderful display-pieces.

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