LEGO Star Wars Hoth AT-ST and Snowtrooper Battle Pack Review

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Editor's Review

The Hoth AT-ST is 586 pieces and will take you about an hour to an hour and a half to build. You’ll be left with the AT-ST itself, an Imperial Probe droid, and three minifigs: Chewbacca, a Hoth Rebel Trooper, and the AT-ST Pilot. The build for the AT-ST is very fun, and is more involved than previous iterations of this bipedal mech. The way the bricks come together is delightful, playfully approximating the hyper intricate tech detail of Imperial warcraft. Small dowels, and seemingly random minifig accessories are used to suggest wiring and pipes. Careful though, the pieces below the cockpit can occasionally fall out during play. The cockpit itself is well built and detailed. Speaking of, you can open the top of the AT-ST, place the pilot inside, store his accessories, and close it back up. So awesome! Articulation-wise, the AT-ST can swivel using the knob on the back, the knees can ratchet up twice before you have balance issues, and the blasters can rotate up and down. It even has firing missiles. This is definitely the best LEGO AT-ST we’ve seen yet.

The Snowtrooper Battle Pack is a very quick build that will give you a snow trench, standing turret, a snowspeeder, and 4 minifigs, 3 Snowtroopers and a Scout Trooper. This is a good set to help flesh out your existing displays. The snowspeeder can accommodate a pilot, and has articulated landing gear and handlebars. The back flaps can also pose, but be careful not to detach the entire back while doing so. The standing turret can fire studs; be careful not to lose them!

LEGO Star Wars Hoth AT-ST and Snowtrooper Battle Pack

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The AT-ST is a delight to build and super fun to pose and play with. The Snowtrooper set, while small, is a great addition to your existing Star Wars sets.

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