LEGO Spider-Man No Way Home Building Sets Review

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Editor's Review

First up is Spider-Man’s Drone Duel. This set comes with two minifigs: Black and Gold Spider-Man, and the Vulture. The main draw of the set is the awesome and mysterious Spider-drone. Spidey can either swing from the drone, or pilot it himself inside the cockpit! The detailing on this drone looks very superhero chic, with a sophisticated gold and black ensemble to match Peter’s new outfit. What stole the show in this set however, is Vulture’s backpack. The wings are super detailed, highly articulated, and most importantly BIG! This minifig and backpack do justice to MCU’s rendition of the classic character, capturing the immense power of Spider-Man’s first ever supervillain.

Next up, we’re sailing into uncharted waters with Spider-Man at the Sanctum Workshop. This set comes with 4 minifigs: Integrated Suit Spider-Man, MJ, Dr. Strange, and Wong. This set is easily the most robust of the trio, offering a full scenic backdrop of Dr. Strange’s workshop on Bleeker St., as well as some kind of creepy giant chthonic insect! This mystery insect is very cool; it has ball jointed articulation in the head, shoulders and elbows, and hinged pincers for excellent minifig pinching action. Dr. Strange’s workshop is packed with accessories and background detailing. All manner of arcane artifacts line the shelves, plus some mundane objects like a video game controller, and a chest…full of tentacles…ok never mind the mundane bit. Complete with a bike, webbing, and lots of places to pose the minifigs, no doubt this set is great for displaying scenes from the upcoming movie.

Last but not least, we have Mysterio’s Drone Attack, a small set that nevertheless captures all the broad strokes of Spider-Man Far From Home. You get a police vehicle, a Stark-tech hologram drone, webbing, and 3 minifigs: Upgraded Suit Spider-Man, Nick Fury, and Mysterio. The minifigs alone make this set worth picking up for your collection. This set is short and sweet.

Like most smaller LEGO sets, Mysterio’s Drone Attack and Spider-Man’s Drone duel come with a multitude of small accessories and a limited amount of space to store them. Having a solution for storage is recommended to help keep track of them all, especially the excellent webbing effects!

LEGO Spider-Man No Way Home Building Sets

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These sets are tons of fun! If you’re a big fan of the Spider-Man MCU movies, and have been wanting screen-accurate minifigs, look no further! ‘Nuff said!

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