LEGO Speed Champions Mopar Dodge SRT Top Fuel Dragster and 1970 Dodge Challenger Review

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Editor's Review

This Speed Champions Dodge set is 627 pieces, and will take you no more than a couple hours to build at a leisurely pace. Both cars are enjoyable builds, with the challenger being densely packed with more pieces than you might expect! Once complete, both cars also look incredible. The Dragster in particular has a ton of personality, in no small part due to all of the stickers. You’re going to need a steady hand to apply all of them, but if done well, the effect is excellent. The best part of the whole set is the rear of the Dragster. The engine area is chock full of intricate detail that looks great. The spoiler in the back is posable, allowing you to customize the display angle. Some more great details are the real rubber tires in the back, and the thinner tires with clear plastic in the front. The windshield is on a hinge, allowing you to easily install one of the two included minifigures.

As for the Challenger, it’s a quintessential LEGO car! It’s unmistakably a Dodge Challenger, with the boxy frame, hood shaker, plus the front grill and rear light that literally spell the name out for you. The purple color on the car is rich, and it interacts beautifully with the clear pieces in the headlights, brakelights, and black roof and hood. A minifig can sit inside the challenger too, but you’ll need to remove the roof, which is easy enough. Opening doors would have been cool, but it’s ultimately unnecessary. Inside you can see two seats complete with a gear shift and steering wheel!

LEGO Speed Champions Mopar Dodge SRT Top Fuel Dragster and 1970 Dodge Challenger

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Yes! These cars are fun, uncomplicated little builds that make for a nice afternoon activity.

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