LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Elva Review

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Editor's Review

The McLaren Elva is 263 pieces and will take you no more than an hour to build. It’s a quick, easy, and enjoyable build. The McLaren Elva is a sleek and angular vehicle, full of unconventional diagonal facets that you may assume wouldn’t translate across a LEGO rendition. You would be mistaken though, as this set captures the aerodynamic blue blur beautifully. The concave hood is replicated, as well as the humpback of the vehicle, and the complex grill area. Our favorite bit of engineering was using a C – clip to attach the doors, allowing you to convey the extreme angles of the side of the car. All the tiny details necessary for the look to come together are here, including the headlights, rear lights, seats, side mirrors, exhaust pipes, and even interchangeable hubcaps.

The included minifigure has a nice, preppy racing outfit, and comes with a racing helmet and an alternate hairpiece, as well as a wrench accessory. Sit her down in the driver’s seat and she’ll be ready to burn rubber. Speaking of, the real rubber tires roll like a dream. All in all, it’s a great looking set, without any bells or whistles. It’s exactly the kind of quality and fun you would expect from a LEGO set.

LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Elva

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Yes! These smaller form LEGO sets are quick, affordable builds, perfect for a bite-sized activity that will net you a great looking display piece for your effort.

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