LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic vs. Dr. Eggman’s Death Egg Robot Review

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Editor's Review

Sonic vs. Eggman’s Death Egg Robot is 615 pieces and will take you about an hour and a half to fully build. In the set, you get a good number of display pieces, such as spikes, a ramp, a floating ring, an animal imprisoning capsule, and the main events of the set: the Death Egg Robot with an Eggman Minifigure, and a spring-decorated launcher, rolling capsule, and Sonic minifigure.


Let’s eat our dessert first and discuss the Death Egg Robot. We love it! It looks exactly like an Eggman contraption from the proportions to the color distribution. The yellow oversized collar is our favorite touch, but some others include the stud-firing arm cannon and the opening hatch that Eggman can sit inside. The Death Egg Robot is articulated with ball joints at the shoulders, elbows, and ankles, and a ratchet at the hips. Naturally, its collar and mustache are also hinged. So cool right?


WRONG, Eggman is a doofus, let’s get him! Place the Sonic minifig inside one half of the clear blue shell, sandwich the other piece together, and you have an interpretation of sonic’s spindash ball. Load it into the launcher, and line up the ramp just right, then slam on the launcher to nail the Death Egg Robot in the belly and free the animals. The capsule set piece can also be opened to free another little buddy. The machine next to the capsule has a very simple construction, but looks extremely cool, and also features a blue chaos emerald. Launching Sonic in a straightaway is fun in its own right, the roller travels a good distance. It’s well shaped and has a good weight to it. You can also opt to fold the Spring down and just use it as a set piece with the sonic minifig! Speaking of, if there were any one nitpick we had, it’s that Sonic’s stomach could have used another coat of paint. Painting a light paint color on a dark background is always an uphill battle. Dr. Eggman also has an area in his face which may have benefitted from a liiiittle bit of silver paint, but it’s pretty minor all things considered.

Lego Sonic Eggman Death Egg robot

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Should I get it?

It doesn’t get much more iconic than this. Sonic fans, don’t delay. Grab yourself a Death Egg Robot set today.


  • The set pieces can be set up any which way you want.
  • The Death Egg Robot is well articulated and looks amazingly source accurate.
  • You get minifigs of Sonic and Dr. Eggman.
  • The launcher gimmick works super well.


  • The only small con relates to some paint quirks on the minifigs. For example, sonic’s stomach, or very small omitted details like the frames on Eggman’s glasses.

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