LEGO Police Station & Bookshop Review

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Editor's Review

The average piece count of these two sets is around 2700, and the builds are methodical and intricate, so these will take you the better part of a weekend at minimum. The New England architectural inspiration for these sets is in full display, with neutral accents gilding a solid-colored exterior. I really love details like the shingled roofs and the corner brick pattern on the police station, as well as the decision to use such saturated colors for the buildings. Both sets are full of small diagonals or rounded areas which are a joy to build. On the exterior of the bookshop, you’ll be treated to a birch tree with a bird, a used book kiosk, two gardens, and a balcony. The police station features trappings of urban living, like a news stand, giant advertisement, a fire escape, and little AC units.

As if the facades weren’t enough visual nourishment, you can separate each building into slices to feast on the decorative morsels within. Some notable interior spaces across both sets include a bedroom, bookstore interior and mezzanine, living room, apartment, donut shop counter, and an administrative area of the station. With the Police Station in particular, there’s a little narrative that is built into the set about a secret donut thief and how he eludes capture. But of course, with the 5 minifigures included with each of the two sets, you can invent your own stories and build your own displays using the well placed studs throughout the interior and exterior of the two sets! Lastly, as with all the modular building sets from lego, there are built in connection points to conjoin the sets together, and make a display greater than the sum of their parts. They’re even compatible with some other sets, like Marvel’s Sanctum Sanctorum from Dr. Strange.

LEGO Bookshop and Police Station

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These sets are highly detailed both inside and out. They are quintessential examples of what makes LEGO special: fun builds and imaginative play potential. Definitely seek these sets out!


  • You get 5 minifigs with each set.
  • The builds are intricate, meditative, and fun.
  • There is just as much detail on the inside as there is on the facade.
  • Details you’d assume would be difficult or impossible to replicate from LEGOs are nonetheless present. 


  • None!

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