LEGO Ninjago Lloyd’s Hydro Mech, Ninja Sub Speeder, Hydro Bounty, & More Review

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Editor's Review

Lloyd’s Hydro Mech brings up the front of our review, and it’s a strong start. This set includes minifig Lloyd and a serpentine soldier. Lloyd’s Mech is decked out in greens and yellows, complete with a working cockpit, an articulated pincer, and a cool shoulder pauldron. It’s exactly what an underwater ninja mech should look like! It has articulation points at the waist, shoulders, and feet for some dynamic posing.

Now we have the Ninja Sub Speeder. Is it a car or is it a sub?? The answer, is yes! This multipurpose vehicle just exudes radical energy. For proof, look no further than the spoiler and the electricity deco! The fanblade wheels can fold from four-wheel drive into no-wheel swim mode, making it look marginally more like a submarine. While not one-hundred percent convincing as a sub, the effect is nonetheless still awesome! It’s secret weapon is a detachable autonomous drone. The Sub Speeder set includes two ninjas and two serpentines to simulate a tense battle.

Our one and only scenic set is the majestic Temple of the Endless Sea. As a diorama, this set definitely has the most shelf presence. The hints of feudal Japanese architecture mixed with the black, teal, and gold motif creates a striking fantasy setting from which you’ll have a hard time removing your gaze. As is typical of LEGO, they put a ton of detail into their scenic sets. There’s everything from an arcane study, to an underwater prison, and even an apothecary’s desk. Did we forget to mention the giant sea serpent? This giant snake is frightening and very imposing. The serpent is articulated at the tail and fins, plus they have manual operated roaring action! The minifigs are diverse and numerous in this set. Three ninjas, two of which look waterlogged, and four serpentines are included. You even get a mini sub to ride, and a ray to surf on, if you dare.

And now for the main event, Hydro Bounty. This is the vehicle equivalent of Temple of the Endless Sea, in that it’s shelf presence is incredible! In sheer length and size, it can’t be beaten. The mix of white, gold, black, and clear blue really project a regal and powerful energy. Open the top to deploy the smaller subs, or launch a remote mech, which is definitely the coolest hidden feature. The sub also has an opening cockpit, hidden laser blaster, and a moving feature in the back jets. Compress the jets to open up the fins in a gimmick so cool, we guarantee you’ll be posing them very often! You get ten minifigs, the most by far of these sets. The entire ninja team is here, plus two mini bots, and two serpentines. The serpentines brought their own ride in the form of a ray chariot. With the Hydro Bounty set, you go big, or go home!

Build time for these sets is less than an hour on the low end, and 2-3 hours on the high end. in general, accessories store well within the larger set, but an alternate storage method is a good idea regardless.

LEGO Ninjago Lloyd’s Hydro Mech, Ninja Sub Speeder, Hydro Bounty, & More

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These sets are extremely fun! Ninjago LEGO sets are so good at creating immersion with their unique and creative characters and constructions. These sets in particular are must-haves for any Ninjago fan.

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