LEGO Monkie Kid Sandy’s Power Loader Mech Review

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Editor's Review

This set is a short but very enjoyable build, which shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two if you’re a LEGO pro. In total, you’ll get a bigfig of the powerful soldier Sandy, his cat, Mo, two spider demon minifigs, spider armor, and last, but certainly not least, Sandy’s incredible power loader. The character of Sandy is based on one of the main companions of the monk from the original myth, and faithful details are adapted into this cool urban reinterpretation, such as his blue skin and famous crescent spear. The colors on this set, speaking of, are bright, saturated and fun. The power loader is a ton of fun.

The Power Loader is articulated at the shoulders, elbows, fingers, legs, and even has ankle pivot, something that some action figures don’t even have! The right arm has a punching gimmick, while the left can twirl Sandys mighty spear. You can load Sandy into the cockpit through the articulated hatch, and Mo can tag along on top. The spider armor also has a lot of articulation for a much smaller construction. Have fun making epic battle scenes with this all-in-one set!

LEGO Monkie Kid Sandy’s Power Loader Mech

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Very fun! The build is quick and enjoyable, plus the end result is the coolest! In an epic fight between good and evil, what’s not to love?

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