LEGO Modern Art Review

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Editor's Review

Fancy yourself something of an artist? Try your hand at the LEGO Art Modern Art construction set, model number 31210. It comes with 805 pieces for building abstract art. You can follow the instructions to build one of four ways or get creative and make something all your own. The instruction booklet is full of inspiration to get you thinking about balance, rhythm, and movement in your designs. This is a really unique building set that uses rectangular, triangular, and circular pieces that can be arranged in multiple ways. You can even buy two sets and combine them for a larger work of art and more building options. And when you’re done, use the hanger element to display your art.

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If you’re looking for a unique LEGO building experience, this is it. Inspired by artists such as Klint, Kandinsky, and Matisse, building and rebuilding the modules of this set will make you feel like an artist. It’s a great way to inspire creativity. 


Multiple ways to build
Display worthy results
Inspires creativity



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