LEGO Marvel The Infinity Saga Sanctum Sanctorum Review

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Editor's Review

The LEGO Sanctum Sanctorum is 2,708 pieces and will take you at least a full day to build, or most likely, a full weekend. The build is super intricate. Not only are you constructing a finely detailed and precise exterior of a New York City building, but inside each of the 3 floors is a fully realized miniature replica of the Sanctorum. The forked staircase, library, and room of arcane artifacts are all faithfully integrated into this set. One of the coolest features is the trick door, which takes you to different dimensions. The gimmick is operated with the AC units on the outside! So many easter eggs are sprinkled throughout this set, like the Captain America Poster, Gargantos, book spines, and the multitude of paintings on the walls. Just be prepared to apply a lot of stickers!

This set is made to be played with, and admired. There are three panels which can be removed to reveal interior detail, and the various floors are connected via sparing studs, so they can be separated with ease to allow posing, and play potential. Speaking of, with this set you get 9 highly detailed minifigs of characters who have appeared at the Sanctum Sanctorum at one point or another in MCU film history. This minifigs include Dr. Strange, Wong, Master Mordo, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Sinister Strange, Dead Strange, and Ebony Maw.

LEGO Marvel The Infinity Saga Sanctum Sanctorum

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Should I get it?

If you’re on the fence about this set, don’t be. Definitely pick one up. This set is worth your time and money for all the fun play potential and display grandeur you get out of it.


  • The build is hearty and dense.
  • You get 9 highly detailed minifigs of key characters.
  • It can separate into parts easily, allowing easy play potential.
  • The level of detail is off the charts.


  • There is a litany of stickers.
  • 3 of the 9 minifigs are variations of Strange. Appropriate, but worth mentioning.

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