LEGO Marvel The Infinity Saga Building Sets Review

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Editor's Review

Black Panther’s Dragon Flyer is a moderately sized set that includes the aforementioned Dragon Flyer, and three minifigs, Black Panther, Shuri, and a Chitauri warrior. The wings on the Dragon Flyer do justice to its punny name, as it looks like a giant high-tech dragonfly. The large wings and smaller fins can be posed any way you want. It also has an opening cockpit in which to place Shuri or T’Challa. Blast the Chitauri away with the onboard stud launchers!

The Iron Monger Mayhem set is so cool. It comes with a fully decked out Iron Monger suit, a case of spare parts, and three minifigs, Pepper Potts, Obidiah Stane, and Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. Effect parts can be plugged into Iron Man’s hands and feet to simulate flying and repulsor blasts, which is such an awesome feature. The Iron Monger suit can house Obidiah in the cockpit, and has two differently functioning stud launchers, one on each arm. It also has a good amount of articulation all over, and working pistons on top of the shoulders. Definitely a lot of value in this set.

Next up we have Bro Thor’s New Asgard, the only scenic set of the bunch. Once built, you’ll have a cross-section of Thor’s living room, as well as fan favorites Bro Thor and Korg, plus Miek. The back, or, outside of the set is well detailed, resembling the exterior of a house. Inside, this set is densely packed with detail. Pizza boxes are strewn throughout the floor, Stormbreaker collects dust in the corner, and the walls are packed with trinkets galore. There’s even a couch, tv, and video game controllers to set a scene for Thor and Korg’s favorite post-blip pastime.

Last, but definitely not least, we have the Guardian’s Ship. This giant set will definitely take you several hours to build, unlike the others. This set includes the Guardian’s Ship, a display stand, and 6 minifigs: Star Lord, Rocket, Groot, Mantis, Thor, and a Chitauri. Gamora and Drax are conspicuously, and sadly absent. The ship can be displayed on the stand and can be posed on a rotating axis. The lower wings can be posed on a hinge, the cockpit opens to reveal a tiered seating system like in the movies, and the top can be removed to see even more play space and details beneath. Inside the cabin, there’s a bit of space for minifigs and some scene-setting if you’re creative with the limited real estate. Overall though, if nothing else, this ship is a spot on replica!

LEGO Marvel The Infinity Saga Building Sets

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Very fun! Each set is a must-have if you’re an MCU LEGO collector. The builds are fun, and the end products have tons of play and display value.

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